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Childhood Obesity Family Fight

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Childhood Obesity - Family Fight

Childhood obesity, as most people now know, is effected by many behavioral factors. In addition to the behavioral changes that may be required by changing the way your child eats and how much physical activity they engage in every day, you must observe at other factors in their behavior, and in the behavior of the teachers, coaches, family members and friends that surround your child.

A family is the nucleus cell that we all nourish and learn from, ideally a family is supportive and encouraging, this is usually true of parents, but the issue of siblings is completely different. If oyu feel that all members of the family do not act as one, on an active support that is ongoing and loving, you will need to make sure your family meetings and talks are devoted to getting everyone behind this.

If your child is overweight or obese, they need your support more than ever! Self-esteem and confidence issues abound in overweight children. Try not to criticize them, harp on them or berate them for their weight. Let your child know he is loved and appreciated and address his weight issue with positive confidence. Do not make jokes about your child situations, this is not the place in which humor helps, do not try and place blame on the child as this will probably result in the opposite of what you want. Simply let him know that you will work on this issue together and that there is nothing ‘wrong with’ him because he is overweight.

Make sure that you have a clear picture of your child life, at school, socially and elsewhere, if he is suffering from abuse from other children, even from his friends, or is suffering a more direct aggressive bullying problems. Work on rebuilding the child confidence by focusing on what he does well and by constantly reinforcing the idea that everyone is special and everyone has problems – he is no different, no better or worse than anyone else, no matter how little confidence he may have at this time. Keep the main focus on health and not esthetics, or weight, stress the importance of health. Focus on gradual changes in your family physical activity and nutrition and allow plenty of time for everyone to adjust and to feel good about the small changes they are making.

These are huge changes you need to make and the first baby steps are crucial for you and your child to feel that it is within your power to make the change, so pay careful attention to the start, as it may prove to be the most important part, with many teenagers the first step is the most important to recover their confidence and self esteem. Setting smaller goals will also allow your child to lose weight gradually and to ‘grow into’ their additional weight as they grow in height. Some children have a lot of weight to lose and they will have longer-term goals with lots of short-term milestones to keep them motivated. For these children, you may want to consider rewards or recognition.

I hope you found this information helpful, I wish you and you family the best of luck in reducing and fighting childhood obesity.
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BONUS : Childhood Obesity.

Childhood obesity, what was once shocking and disturbing has now become a fact of life, as adult obesity increased childhood obesity is growing and rapidly increasing. With bad eating habits and fatty diet and some hereditary influence some kids are doomed to battle childhood obesity late into their twenties, childhood obesity has become a wide spread phenomena and the risks involved in childhood obesity are becoming clearer with time.

The numbers present a sad reality, one of five children is considered overweight, and this tendency only increases with time, childhood obesity is increasing in different ethnic groups, in both genders and all across the world, North America and Western Europe are leading the charts in regards to childhood obesity, but other regions of the world are not to far behind.

Some expert claim that if something is not done to stop childhood obesity immediately we will witness a whole generation becoming twice as heavy as its parents and grandparents were, with this gain of weight other health risks are becoming more and more evident and have a huge effect on larger groups.

It is clear that we have an epidemic of obesity in our country, and that, as we get used to seeing more overweight people at work, in school and on the streets, we are accepting this condition as reality, rather than working to change the situation.

For this increase in childhood obesity we can blame our way of life first, the car has replaced a lot of walking which was very important for our hearts and muscle mass, most of us spend most of our free time in front of the television or the computer, and most of the time we are in front of these appliances we also indulge in eating fatty food such as pizza and ice cream. Junk food has become an acceptable meal, what was once considered a last option for children meal has become the default in choosing our kids meals.

Lets consider the dangers of obesity, and bare in mind that we usually think of adults when we talk about these risks, which makes this even worst. Too little exercise.

And too much of the wrong kind of food is associated with Type II diabetes, all sorts of heart disease and blood pressure problems, joint problems related to weight bearing, self esteem and confidence issues, high cholesterol, mental problems such as depression and sleep disruption, unstable mental stamina, pulmonary problems. The research in this field points to one clear fact, if you are obese as a child you start a far higher chance to be an obese adult, so childhood obesity is not some childhood problematic phase that goes away after some time, childhood obesity can lead to a very problematic adulthood.

What can be done to prevent childhood obesity and how can we stop this dangerous tendency? First thing we could do right away is to stop using our cars so much and walk a little more, any kind of physical exercise is good for young children, we are not talking about gym and pushups, even an enjoyable basketball game, 45 minutes three times a week can do wonders, and the great thing about kids is that they enjoy playing – they sometimes just need a little encouragement to get them going. This alone can start you off in your battle against childhood obesity. Take childhood obesity seriously, it is not something that will go away, exercise and healthy eating are vital for a young body to develop well and to enjoy longevity and healthy life. Good luck fighting – and beating childhood obesity.

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