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The Facts Of Goal Setting

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The Facts of Goal Setting

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The Facts of Goal Setting

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For an organized person or someone who dreams of achieving something, goal setting is of relative importance. Everyone wants to achieve something worthy of him, that’s a fact. If you do not set goals then it will be hard for you to distinguish if your every move has been triumphant or not. Have you ever imagined your life without goals to reach for? Have you ever felt complete? Have you ever felt contented with the every venture you go for?

Whatever personality you have, you do have goals. You mark a line as to what to achieve and when to obtain them. Whatever aspect your goal may be whether it is about your finances, something concerning your loved ones, your health, your studies, your work, or any little contribution you may give to your community entails a series of processes so they get to be fulfilled.

The Importance of Goal Setting

Have you ever tried boarding a bus without any idea of where to go? Have you ever taken an exam without the slightest idea of what answers to write? Or have you ever lifted the phone without any idea of whom to call and talk to? Now this is like working on something without knowing what to expect and what to fulfill.

Goal setting is required so you will be able to reap the valuable fruits of your efforts. Such strategy is needed in attaining what you truly desire. Goal setting serves as an outline of the plans you engage yourself with and includes the reason as to why you need to obtain them. Goals must be definite and they must be achievable. The challenge that lies in it is how you will manage to climb your way to success.

Overall, goal setting gives you the room to gauge your progress and to see how well you’ve moved forward. If you’re gradually accomplishing your target, then you can finally say that your goal setting scheme has worked well.

Things to Ponder On About Goal Setting

Goals inspire you. When you’ve set your goals, your drive to obtain them heightens. They move you towards their realization. General goals may often mislead you as you do not know for a fact which to focus on first. On the other hand, a much precise drawn goal is much easier to achieve as the direction you have to take is clearer and much recognizable.

Goal setting should be placed in a hierarchy. In accordance to being organized, your goals should be drawn as per their importance. There are different levels of goals and what matters most is to be sure that you want it and that you are determined to reach for it.

Goals ought to be written not just on a paper but also in your heart. For you to be gifted with great focus, it is best to specify, quantify, and clarify the goals you desire for.

Goals call for criteria. It does not necessarily mean that you be satisfied with the most minimal achievement just so you can say you’ve already obtained your goal. If you can push it to the highest limits, the better.

Goals must involve positive assertion. Once you’ve set your mind on a specific goal, you should stick to it. Whatever the obstacles that may come your way should be overcome.

The power of the mind coupled with the willingness of the individual enhances the materialization of the set goals. Moreover, goal setting is a vital ingredient in drawing success right into your midst.

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The Gravitational Pull of Ants, Worms & Fears

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What is an ANT? An ANT is an acronym for Automatic Negative Thoughts. What is a WORM? A WORM is a metaphor for deep-seated, unconscious beliefs that lye dormant in our consciousness analogous to a computer virus that only activates when a certain button is pushed on our keyboard.

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What is an ANT?

An ANT is an acronym for Automatic Negative Thoughts.

What is a WORM?

A WORM is a metaphor for deep-seated, unconscious beliefs that lye dormant in our consciousness analogous to a computer virus that only activates when a certain button is pushed on our keyboard.

What is a FEAR?

A FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real; an optical illusion that makes you believe it is impossible to move beyond this point so why even try. FEAR is a lie!

ANTs are pre-conscious thoughts, beliefs, ideas that keep us trapped in our comfort zone. They exist to stop us from moving to far ahead of our current environment. They cause us to become uncomfortable with our potential and possibility.

They exist to keep us in a holding pattern where we don't act or do anything to better ourselves. They keep us stagnated and stifled. They cause us to sabotage our good.

WORMS are much stronger than ANTs and are more insidious and pervasive. If we are focused, we can overcome an ANT with sheer will power, but will power up against a WORM [deep seated, dominant belief] is like one soldier up against an entire army. A WORM will destroy will power and we will automatically sabotage our life and act in a manner consistent with our dominant beliefs.

For instance, we might have an ANT that says, "I'm not good enough to be with this person." If we force our way through that automatic negative thought using shear will power and continue to stay in the relationship, the ANT may be crushed but then the WORM will appear and may say, "You ARE NOT good enough to be with that person so why are you trying – LOSER!" At that moment when the unconscious, dominant belief has you in its grips, you will begin to slowly or abruptly (depending on frequency) sabotage the relationship in some shape, form or fashion.

The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction simply means that you attract in life what you are not what you want and what you are is what you think about when you are not thinking about anything. The law of attraction states who you are – your dominant beliefs and unconscious thoughts.

I am sure you have heard the term, like attracts like. It's the reason why rich people hang out with rich people and poor people hang out with poor people. What we must be mindful of is our DNA programming is designed not to go outside of its comfort zone for extended periods of time. With that said, it's understandable why we feel uncomfortable when we are around something or someone we have never been exposed to that stretches us, challenges us to be more, do more and having more. So it is our DNA programming; ANTs, WOMRS, and FEARS that keep us locked into this vicious cycle that gives the illusion of progression when in fact we are on auto-repeat; just standing still. We then attract people, places and things in our life to confirm this process and keep us in a holding pattern.

The law of attraction is so powerful that if you had two pianos in different rooms and struck the c-note on the first piano the other piano's c-chord would be vibrating as well. The law of attraction is gravitational which is why in order to move to the next quantum or level in life we must first move and expand our consciousness so that we can attract a different outcome.

In order to move from one gravitational pull to another, we must become comfortable with being uncomfortable, face our ANTs, WORMS and FEARS and learn how to handle next level thinking. When you expand consciousness, expand spiritually, emotionally and psychologically, you automatically move into another vibration or gravitational pull. You will also bring along with you for the ride and new set of ANTs, WORMS and FEARS whose soul purpose is to push or pull you to yet another level by making your current level content and hopefully unconformable.

This is why it is so very important and necessary to learn how to neutralize your ANTs, WORMS and FEARS because it causes you to move in quantum steps verses minute steps. You shorten your learning curve and lesson your barriers to entry at the next level in life when you confront the DNA programming that is keeping you where you are – within the Gravitational Pull of ANTs, WORMS & FEARS.


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