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Attention All Lazy Puppy Owners Yes That Means You

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Attention All Lazy Puppy Owners: Yes, That Means YOU!

The day your puppy was taken away from its mother and placed in your care is the day you became 100% responsible for the young pup. Accept your role as leader responsibly by training the four basic obedience commands necessary to every civilized dog's schooling.

Though your work schedule or distance from a qualified dog instructor often preclude working with an experienced trainer, teaching your puppy to sit, lie down, come and stay falls well within the average owner's capabilities. Combined with frequent outings to assure proper socialization, suitable at-home training turns your little rascal into the dog that other dog owners wish for.

Helpful Hints

Most new owners agree that teaching critical lessons, such as not pottying in the house, destroying couch cushions or raiding the garbage, to name just a few, leaves precious little time for anything else. How then, do top trainers who work full-time, raise a family and compete in various canine sports, manage to do it all?

For one thing, you don't need to spend an hour per lesson teaching basic commands. Puppies have an extremely short attention span, which is best worked within 5 to 10 minute sessions. That's only one or two sets of television commercials!

Use whatever time you have to your advantage. A favorite technique amongst many trainers is for you to let your puppy follow you around while you do light housework by putting it on a leash and tying the other end to your belt. This gets the puppy in the habit of staying with you without the worry of it wandering off into mischief. Plus, it presents an easy opportunity to periodically stop what you're doing to interact and get in a bit of training.

Realize that consistency is key in any level of training. Everyone in the home should be on the same page concerning the puppy's guidelines so the puppy doesn't get mixed signals about acceptable behaviors from different family members.

Additionally, don't be a nag. Avoid repeating the same command over and over. If sometimes you say something once and expect compliance, but on other occasions you repeat the command five times before getting the behavior, this lack of clarity creates confusion for a young dog. Be willing to wait and allow the puppy to think for itself about what you just asked for. You might be happily surprised at what you see.

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BONUS : Barking Problems – Driving With A Barking Dog Can Drive You Crazy!

Being stuck in the car during a long drive while your dog is barking nonstop is enough to make anyone crazy. Every moving thing that your dog sees past the window, including cars, people, even still objects like houses, are enough to make your dog respond in a territorial matter which results in excess of barking.

When one object disappears out of your dog's view, another one reappears, and on and on it goes...

Most of us get so annoyed that we result to yelling at our dog in order to get him to quiet down. Unfortunately, this tactic only adds more excitement to your dog's high levels of anxiety. By yelling at him, your dog's mind confirms that you feel the same way and now you have nothing but a loud circus going on while you're trying to concentrate on the road.

The good news is that with a little training and some patience, you can slowly diminish your dogs incessant barking when you are out for a drive. Here are a few tips to guide you along the way:

1. For starters, if you want your dog to be more relaxed and laid back, try being a role model. Play some soft music and stay calm and collected whenever your dog gets excited. Slowly caress his head and talk to him soothingly while he is barking. You'll be surprised at just how quickly your dog or puppy will turn his head toward you to enjoy more of the attention, and of course, without the barking!

2. For a more drastic training technique, there is nothing wrong with carrying a small water bottle in which you can squirt your dog every time he starts to bark loudly. Most puppies and dogs absolutely hate getting a quick burst of water squirted on them. Typically, they will immediately stop whatever it is that they are doing. And be sure to give a firm command at the same time you spray your pet. Eventually, you can replace the water bottle with this command because your dog will associate it with the same shocking experience of being squirted with water.

3. Try using a crate. A very simple solution is to use a crate that your dog can sit in whenever you need to drive somewhere with him. The crate should be visually limited so that your dog does not get stimulated by all of the action he can see out of the window. This in itself is enough to keep your dog from barking excessively. Of course this may be difficult if you have a large dog. However, using a crate is a perfect way to keep small to medium-sized dogs quiet while you're on the road.

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