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Attention Shoppers We Have A Small Lost Three Year Old Boy With

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Attention Shoppers, We Have A Small, Lost, Three Year-old Boy With Red Hair……..

Have you ever been shopping in a busy mall, stopped to look at something only to discover that in the brief time it took to do so, your child has wandered away from you? If in reading this question you are able to answer no, you undoubtedly know someone who has been in this situation.

Each minute, somewhere in the country, a parent is separated from their child.
These separations sometimes last only a few seconds; in other instances they last much longer, causing the store to go into a lock-down situation. The truth of the matter is, wherever there are large crowds; parades, country fairs, busy city streets etc., young children will inevitably become separated from their parents.

In speaking with hundreds of parents a week, though the situations and circumstances may vary slightly, we hear the same scary tale over and over again. The end result is always the same.

Panic in its purest form, 100% pure unadulterated panic.

In situations when the child is not located within a few moments, the parent will be asked by either a store employee, security staff or even a police officer to provide an accurate description of the lost child, as well as what the child was wearing at the time.
In a similar situation, when in a state of panic, would you be able to provide an accurate description of your child?

Let’s be honest with ourselves, all young children look more or less the same! With the exception of the color of their skin, hair and eyes, all young children are short, cute, have big beautiful eyes and a few missing teeth. Add to this the fact that in this situation, most parents do not remember what their child was wearing at the time.

Most parents, often the mother, carry their children’s identification in the form of Medicare information and Social Insurance cards. However, very few fathers carry any of their child’s specific identification. As proud fathers, they have one if not several pictures of their child. However, as the child grows older, those pictures are updated less and less frequently.

When looking for a child id provider, find one whose program includes wallet-sized identification profile cards for your children. These profile cards will allow you to list your child’s specific identification, including a recent picture. One thing to keep in mind is that children grow like weeds, so you will want to find a program that provides you with an unlimited supply. This will allow you to update them as required. A good rule of thumb is to update the information and picture every three months until children reach the age of three, and at least once a year thereafter.

When reading this, please don’t think that because your child is rarely out of your sight, this could never happen to you. When arriving at the scene, this is inevitably the first thing the responding police officers hear from the parents. These situations occur not out of neglect, but due to everyday situations that are completely out of our control.

The pro-active and preventative measures you have taken as a responsible parent, to ensure your a child’s safety, will be invaluable in helping you to provide the authorities with accurate information when time is of the essence, should you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

Do not procrastinate! Remember the Boy Scout motto “Always be prepared”. Make sure that both parents never leave home without their child’s identification.

Would you leave home without yours?
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BONUS : Audio Books - Every Parents Dream Come True

Audio books are dearly loved by parents for understandable reasons: time constraints such as work, household duties and the like, tend to overwhelm parents when they would much rather be tucking their kids in at bedtime and telling them a story; well, children can enjoy audio books like Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox without the parents being present.

Audio books are also a helpmeet at times when there are no harsh job demands and circumstances allow parents to spend more time at home with the family. But children can get rowdy at any time of the day or night; this is where audio books will help to calm them down—there’s just something hypnotic to a child about hearing certain books presented audibly, especially when the narrator happens to be really good. Oftentimes the narrator is a professional actor or actress, like Tim Curry, for example, but not necessarily. Audio books are also a cunningly good excuse to turn off the television.

As if that wasn’t enough, ladies and gentleman, here are listed a few more good reasons to acquaint your children with audio books:

I. You know audio books would come in handy during that family trip you’ve been planning for some time now? Perhaps it hasn’t crossed your mind yet, but there’s always the chance that the kids will make things slightly difficult—they may scream and fight, or they may slowly wither away from boredom. In this case it’s a smart and fun idea to bring along at least a couple of books on tape or compact disc—doing so can make the journey far more enjoyable for everyone involved. Far less stressful, too.

II. The same goes for the daily commute: audio books are great when driving your child or children to work--you have an ideal opportunity to put them in the mindset for their entire school day. Of course, this method works best when the kids hear a title they really do enjoy.

III. Speaking of school, audio books have their uses here, too! The chances are great that at least one of your children are currently taking a foreign language class, or perhaps will be in the near future. Particular titles of audio books in this genre need not be mentioned—there are so many of them! And audio books certainly help in this department by accelerating the learning process considerably—especially if they are accompanied by a book or pamphlet.

IV. Why not utilize audio books to help your child learn how to read—especially if he or she happens to be struggling in this area. One bit of advice would be to select an audio book title that includes a paperbound book to be read alongside the audio presentation; in this way children can and do often learn to associate the printed word with its corresponding vocalization.

V. Use audio books to develop your child’s listening skills! The earlier the better, because if kids don’t listen very well, they are in a fatal position (as far as education is concerned) and will most likely fall far behind in their studies. Just remember that slightly less than 9/10, or in other words 85%, of what people learn in this world is learned via the ears.

Besides all this, audio books are simply fun; it’s because of this, then, that you ought not to be surprised when they instill in your child a new love for reading. Be warned, though: parents themselves are far from being immune to the effects of audio books—and you might just find yourself listening to them just as much, if not more, than your children do!

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