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Putting Some Thought Into Your Children S Birthday Gifts

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Putting Some Thought Into Your Children's Birthday Gifts

From very early in my childhood, as soon as I learned to, I loved to write. Stories, thoughts, letters – writing was a great joy for me. On my ninth birthday I received a gift that I will always remember. A friend of my mother’s, whom I’d known from birth, gave me a rather large book. The book was bound in dark leather with a red trim, and had no writing on the outside. When I opened it, there was nothing inside but blank lined pages. I absolutely adored that gift, and even at that young age I realized how much thought this woman put into it. She gave me something that was uniquely special to me. I still have that book; filled with everything from fictional stories to the rambling thoughts of a girl as she struggled to reach adulthood. And each time I look through this book, I remember how special this woman made me feel that day. She told me, without words, that my writing was important.

As parents we know that the closer our children’s birthdays get, the more hints and outright pleas we hear for this gift or that gift; usually things that are popular with everyone else their age. This is normal - and it’s also normal for you to buy them at least some of the things that they are asking for when their birthday comes around. It is important, however, that we don’t sell our children short when it comes to what they truly want. Young children rarely ever march up to us and state that they would like to be recognized for their uniqueness, and we usually only hear this from our teenagers when they are angry at the limits we are imposing on them. But it is innate in all humans, no matter what age, to want to be acknowledged for our special qualities, talents, and interests. Realizing this about your children can help you find them one or two gifts, along with the latest popular things, that show them that you know who they are and what makes them special.

The child who shows a special interest in nature will love being presented with a book on identifying different types of local plants and animals. Not only did you choose a gift that your child will really use and enjoy, you’ve also just told him that you care about what he is interested in. That matters to your child, whether he expresses this to you or not.

Giving your children gifts that say “I appreciate who you are” will not only help build a stronger bond between you, but will also teach them to respect themselves and their uniqueness. It may not happen right away, but one day your adult children may just surprise you by saying, “I remember, and thank you”.
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BONUS : Quench The Thirst For Knowledge

Education according to the gurus, prepares a child to live in society and the world, as we know it today. It inculcates values and introduces skills the child can hone as he or she grows up to earn a living. While education is a system, learning is a thirst quencher – it satisfies a curiosity and gives wing to imagination. As a parent or caregiver, you need to encourage this thirst for knowledge and nurture the imagination.

Education does not begin or end with school and university. One can be educated constantly every moment of life. And, as you know experiences are life’s greatest teachers.

Learning has many aspects. The basic aspect is to provide a vitally conducive environment and the appropriate tools to learn. Another is that you as a parent must be prepared to listen and to answer to the best of your ability even awkward questions like “where do babies come from,” or “the meaning of sexy.” A child who is healthy, happy, physically active, and loved learns easily and adjusts to any situation.

Every parent wants his or her child to excel and be successful. And, to achieve this you must implement—quick thinking, a sharp brain, a balanced lifestyle, and keep abreast with innovations and advancements in education and educational tools.

Tips on How to Stimulate the Brain
As you know, it is the brain that helps us think, learn, and retain memories. The cells in the brain are what control most of our sensory functions and an infant’s brain has over 100 billion nerve cells that grow and can be stimulated to function optimally.

Imagine recent brain research shows that what parents have been doing for ages –singing, playing, reading, and interacting with their babies and children – is what helps the brain to develop well and healthily. So, when you cuddle your child and sing to it you are in fact, stimulating brain cells. To optimize intelligence, experts recommend that you spend time with your child and be warm and responsive.

Take One Step at a Time
As a modern day parent, you need to gauge the situation and take steps accordingly. Education is important but does it fulfill its function - this is an important question too. The world’s boundaries are in constant motion and work situations, skills, educational curriculum, and educational goals are constantly changing. The needs are greater and career development has become a lifelong process for children as well as adults.
You can stay one-step ahead by comprehending what your role is, for each stage in growth, development traits, career needs. For instance, children who are at pre-kindergarten to the third grade level constantly seek attention and praise. They are known to have boundless energy and tend to consider fantasy as real. At this stage it is important to create a distinction between work and play.

At this stage toys and learning material such as those marketed by Smart Neurons will prove beneficial and improve role-playing. Most important never make decisions for your child—make decisions with your child.

Prepare for the 21st century

It is advancements in technology that is taking learning forward by leaps and bounds. Computers, CDs, DVDs, and audio-visual aids enhance learning, create a curiosity, give flight to creativity, and increase communications ten-fold. Innovative learning tools designed by firms like Smart Neurons expose the minds of children to a great variety of situations and use role playing and other developmental tools to develop informal reasoning in children and help children use their intelligence to arrive at logical and practical conclusions. Learning through technology can help children develop eye-hand coordination and great strategy skills. It also improves thinking ability, encourages children to seek and find answers or solutions to problems and helps enhance people skills. Parents can take the initiative to integrate technology in learning and discover along with their children the “magical” world of computers and interactive learning systems.

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