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Mysteries Of Language Development In Children

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Mysteries Of Language Development In Children

The first step is to make time for the child in your busy schedule. Rework your life to give priority to the child. Spend quality time and read as well as sing songs to the child everyday. You could play soft music and other tapes like chants and so on in the child’s room at specific times each day. Music enhances memory and learning.

Speak to the child and give the child time to respond. Make everyday activities a learning time—introduce names of foods, point to the bath tub and say bath, show the child the sponge or soap, help the child recognize the animals and toys in the bath by introducing things like “ baby duck—quack, quack.”

Children listen, they learn how to discriminate specific sounds, and then they associate sound with actions, and finally put together sounds with what they actually mean.

Be vigilant at all times. If you have any doubts or notice any problems please consult a doctor.

Play “follow the leader”

Well have you thought of things you can do to encourage speech and language development? Well you don’t need special training or courses to do this. Think about it—you smile and the baby smiles at you. So, if you play “follow the leader” your baby will ape whatever you do and unconsciously learn.

So, you must make faces at and sounds like ma, da, ba, and so on at the baby. Strike a conversation with the baby while feeding, bathing, or bonding with the baby. Tell the baby what is happening and all about other family members and pets. Help the child recognize objects and colors by saying things like, “Ah nice red ball, or cuddly brown bear.” Don’t just use single words say, “Mama loves baby.”

Interactive Learning Tools

Innovations in learning have been in existence since time immemorial. Early humans used the walls of the caves to express themselves and teach young ones. With time, humans used beads, terracotta plaques, and Abacus counters to teach. Colorful blocks and cards were used in memory games to sharpen retentive skills as well as recognition in children.

With the many innovations in technology and the fast pace life is taking, age-old methods of crooning songs while sitting with the child on a rocking chair, or spending hours just conversing with a child are fast changing. What is popular is interactive teaching materials that are fun, CDs and DVDs from companies like Smart Neurons and several other companies make learning a fun process. These are specially designed by language experts to enrich a child’s vocabulary of words while simultaneously placing them in the appropriate context. The CDs and DVDs are more than interesting, they stimulate natural language and promote learning through play.

Stay One Step Ahead

You will benefit if you make an effort to find out all you can about language development. There are self-help books as well as web sites and articles written by experts.

It is important to understand that the learning curve for every child is unique. Some talk early while others do so a little later but most do catch up. So, don’t be anxious and try and push the child. If in doubt, ask the doctor. Plan to spend quality time with the child, listen to the child’s moods and choices. Introduce laughter and joy by singing action songs, making comic faces, and playing “pat-a-cake.”
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BONUS : Myths And Wives Tales

I was told today, by a close friend, that if you get canker sores, it is your bodies way of punishing you for lying. What?! Have you ever heard that? Me neither. Isn't just the feeling you get after you lie to someone bad enough? All these old myths and wives tales are not working for me. In fact, they are not working in our society...

Today, kids are smarter than they ever have been, and telling them that if they make a funny face it will stay that way, no longer works. Granted, it worked on me and you, but it is no longer a good way to get a kid to stop making funny faces. Same with the canker sores one I got from my buddy. I give that one another generation and then its toast.

Now, thinking about this a little more in depth, these old sayings is how i was raised and taught not to lie, cheat, or steal. But nowadays, that stuff doesnt cut it. what result will this have on our youth? Kids running around kicking and screaming is going to be a sad teachers career. And what about the parents?

Parents have a hard job as it is, but forcing them to innovate new ways of raising their children puts them over the top. Everything is trial and error when raising children. "Lets try this, lets try that" = Stress. For the most part, a new parent would raise their children the way that they were raised. Now, when i decided to have kids, the way that i was raised will not work. And that is the same for all of you out there.

But wow, what a tangent that was. The purpose of this article was to say "Lets get some new material!". Rather then continue to use the sayings and ideas as our forefathers, lets create some of our own. Todays society is like a comic with only one joke. Lets get some new stuff out before they bring out the cane and pull us off stage.

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