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Fun And Easy Indoor Calorie Burners 4 Kids

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Fun And Easy Indoor Calorie Burners 4 Kids

Often for one reason or another your family may be stuck indoors. Physical activity is does not need to be compromised. You don’t have to have a home gym for your child to stay active during rainy, cold and snowy months? There are plenty of places to take your child when cabin fever sets in and fun activities that you can do in your own home. Always try to make activity a fun family time. After all playing with your kids is a great for you to keep in shape too!

Try these indoor options.

Gyms/Fitness Centers:

Check out your local YMCA, gym or fitness center for calorie-burning fun activities that they offer kids like gymnastics, indoor basketball, wrestling, kick boxing, martial arts, wall-climbing, track, badminton, volleyball, ping pong, swimming, racquetball and tennis. You could even get your own workout while waiting.

Dance Studios:

A great way to burn calories in a variety of classes including ballet, tap, modern, jazz, hip-hop, line dancing, ballroom dancing, yoga, free movement classes and other music/dance combination classes.

Indoor Rinks:

Ice-skating, roller-skating, inline-skating can fill hours of fun without even realizing you’ve workout.


They exist in most cities, and provide interesting, educational and fun activities that keep your kid on the move! Indoor nature centers or aquariums offer similar movement opportunities.

Restaurants with Games:

They’re all over. Choose restaurants that offer the greatest energy burners, including laser tag and other fast-paced activities. Most have salad bars, so plan on light meals. Another great option is to create an ‘Activity/Play Room’ in your house, where you set up areas for your child to try different activities.

At Home:

 A plastic tub filled with costumes, dress-up clothes, and accessories like crowns, wands, toy shields, armor, masks, vests, belts, shoes, hats, grass skirts, scarves, play jewelry, wigs...

 Boom box with dance music tapes or CDs to have family dance parties

 Build a tent and have a living room camping trip.

 Hop scotch mat, action games like Twister, Charades, Simon Says, Follow the leader

 Paddle balls, indoor ball toss games, bean bags, juggling balls, hacky sack

 Indoor basketball hoop and soft foam balls

 Jump ropes, skip-it, small kid-safe hand weights, exercise stretch bands.

 Try household cleaning with items such as brooms, mops, vacuum cleaners, feather dusters. You would be surprised how many kids love to clean!

 Do the “TV commercial boogie” whenever the ads come on. You’ll be amazed at how much moving you’ll do to the soundtracks of those endless commercials! And be sure to engage in collective booing when junk-food ads fill the screen.
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BONUS : Games For Children: How To Develop Their Analytical Skills Using A Deck Of Cards

One of the most investigated subjects currently is children's mind development and analytical skills. More and more studies are being made and more lessons, programs and games are being developed in order to boost early stages of growth and increase existing skills.

There are more options and possibilities now than ever, starting with different educational facilities suited for different levels of development, and carrying on with special TV shows, books and games. These games are especially built to work on the growing and developing areas in a child's mind.

These skills can be developed in all kinds of different ways and not necessarily in a structural program or a special kindergarten. It can also be done in the simple and fun way of gaming. Considering the fact that there are hundreds of mind developing games for children, in this article, we will focus on card games.

Card games can come in different shapes and sizes and at different difficulty levels. The most basic card game is the card memory game. The game is played with half a deck or less spread on the table, while each card is facing down. Each player, on his turn, chooses to peek at one card at a time in order to eventually form couple or groups (based on what was decided earlier to be a group). This game helps to develop the child's memory skills and his ability to divide logically the symbols into groups.

Another game similar to the memory game, but one that focuses and handles a completely different area of your childs brain is the group game. At this game, the deck of cards is divided to the number of player so all the players receive an equal amount of cards. Each player on his turn form groups (based on what was decided earlier to be a group) and place them on the table. The players' goal at this game is to get rid of their entire cards by adding them to the groups already exists on the table. The players have the total freedom to change the position of the cards on the table as long as none of them gets left out of a group.

This game is more complicated then the other card games and therefore it contributes more to the child's growth more. The game teaches the players to make decisions based on optional following moves and to solve problems using their giving cards, which is in this case literally speaking. The game is highly recommended for children and adults as one, for it is competitive and suspenseful as much as it is friendly and fun.

Another popular game that most kids enjoy is war. But do not let them play it the usual way where the stronger card beats the weaker one. Instead, set different rules for each round. You can determine such things as that a two of clubs and a six of hearts beat any cards. You could even make it more challenging by setting a range of cards as jokers.

The variety of these kinds of games is relatively big and it is growing more and more as people are constantly looking for new games to play. As for the kids, the may be participating for a whole different reason, but the outcomes are the same.

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